Corgi Toys Golden Jack Wheels & Tyres

There are a number of variations of the Corgi Toys Golden Jack Wheels & Tyres issued in the late 1960’s to add to the ‘play-value’ of the models with the ability to ‘jack up the vehicle and remove a wheel and tyre’.

The obvious problem is that the wheels are then able to roll away to the spot under the cupboard where dust bunnies hide them and Nifflers collect them.

So how to identify the models and the wheels ?

Corgi Toys offered the Golden Jack wheel hubs in blister card sets of 12 as accessory packs. The following chart identifies the models, the original reference numbers, and matching reproduction wheels and tyres from RecoverToy.

Corgi Toys
Corgi Part
Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow 2731354 15.9mm (5/8″) Single WheelSet of 4 Wheels
Rover TC 20002751351 15.9mm (5/8″) Single WheelSet of 4 Wheels
Oldsmobile Toronado2761352 15.9mm (5/8″) N/A N/A
Chevrolet Corvette3001342 15.9mm (5/8″) N/A N/A
Hillman Hunter Rally3021353 15.9mm (5/8″)Single WheelSet of 4 Wheels
Chevrolet SS350 Camaro3381352 15.9mm (5/8″) N/A N/A
Mini Marcos GT 8503411361 12.7mm (1/2″) Single Wheel Set of 4 Wheels
Corgi Toys Golden Jack Wheel Hub Models Reference. * O.D. : Outer Diameter of wheel hub

While it was never officially released the 342 Lamborghini Muira was also intended to be a Golden Jacks model, but was changed at the last minute to a Whizz-Wheels model.

Suspending Toy Repair Services

A belated update to our toy repair services.

We have offered a toy repair service for many years. However, the volume of orders have overwhelmed our toy repair specialists. We are struggling to complete the existing orders and are suspending toy repair services until further notice.

Our spare parts and reproduction box listings are all still available for ordering, just repair services are affected.

We will update the website at a later date, although at this time we do not expect that to be any earlier than June 2022 and probably longer. Please monitor our website for updates.

We do not have any experience with anyone else offering a commercial repair service and cannot recommend another toy repairer for you. There are lots of high quality non-professionals who do their own models for the love of the toys. We are not aware of any that offer a commercial repair service. We suggest you use a locality search for a service close to you or enquire at local hobby shops.

Thankyou for your interest in Antique Toy World and RecoverToy. We will complete your existing toy repair order as time permits and we thank you for your patience.

No More Small Packet Letter Post

Australia Post, the US Government, and to a lesser extent eBay, have essentially said “No More Small Packet Letter Post”.

The impact on RecoverToy is to remove our ability to cheaply send our low value toy car parts for a realistic cost outside of Australia.

In a nutshell, the USA Government have created a law that requires all inbound mail to the USA to have specific information about the contents of the packet supplied to the USA Customs and Border Protection Service prior to the packet leaving the originating country, in our case, Australia. Read more at

Australia Post, seizing the opportunity to stop small business in Australia from using letter post to send merchandise and make us use Parcel Post, have only developed a process for recording the required data for Parcels and not for small packet Letter post. Read more at

The end result of this is that all articles of merchandise from Australia to the USA and potentially other countries must be sent as parcels with a minimum cost of AU$25.00 regardless of the weight or value of the items. So a standard RecoverToy packet weighing 30grams (approx 1.5oz) and valued at AU$4.00 will cost AU$25.00 to post. Let alone the additional time processing the information with the woefully useless process Australia Post have implemented for the data capture.

Obviously, that is not a viable process. As a result we have had to:

  • suspend our RecoverToy_USA and RecoverToy_UK ebay stores from trading
  • remove all cheap international post options from our website store and eBay Australia store
  • modify the International Postage rates for our RecoverToy eBay Australia store.

The situation for any of our International customers is:

  • If you want to purchase only 1 or 2 items the postage cost will be excessive per item
  • If you want to purchase many items, then the postage cost per item will not be too bad and the more you purchase the cheaper the per item cost will be
  • All current orders will be reviewed and where practical the items will be delivered as a parcel, where this is not possible a refund will be issued.
  • Approximately 150 small packets posted in the period March 2021 to May 2021 have been returned to us today. Each of these will need to be back-traced to the order point and refunded.

At this time, we have no apparent options, although we are pursuing communication with Australia Post.

We will update this information as soon as anything changes.

RecoverToy Website Issues

Over the month of October, and now into to the start of November 2020 RecoverToy has experienced significant website issues.

The primary impact for our customers is email not being processed and the website presenting error pages in the middle of ordering.

We have undertaken a lot of extra work in efforts to address these issues and while we think they have been resolved it has highlighted that we need to do more upgrades and changes.

Over the next few months we will be implementing those changes and we would like to thank our customers for their patience with us during this time.

RecoverToy eBay UK Store

Our not so new RecoverToy_UK store is gradually being populated with our reproduction box listings. While we have had the RecoverToy eBay UK Store account for a number of years a lack of time has delayed us listing.

There are differences in how the UK eBay site operates and we are still coming to grips with the differences between the sites.

We will eventually list all our reproduction boxes and other items in the site so that our UK customers can deal directly in UK sterling.

RecoverToy Shop Closed for Maintenance

Over the weekend there has been an issue with the RecoverToy online store. In order to complete the repairs the RecoverToy shop is closed for maintenance.

Updated: 30th June 2020: Shop has been re-opened after fixing the database issue. No data was compromised, we were just unable to process correctly following a server patch. The server has been re-configured to complete transactions ok. Thanks for your patience.

RecoverToy and the Coronavirus COVID-19 2019-nCoV

Thanks to all our customers who have asked about RecoverToy and the Coronavirus (aka COVID-19 or 2019-nCoV). We are all ok and currently healthy.

For our on-line orders, we are still trading, until instructed otherwise, and as long as the post office is open we will be posting orders on a daily basis.

All our planned markets and swap-meets have been postponed indefinitely and we are only taking on-line or phone orders. No personal collections are being processed.

We hope that all our customers remain safe and healthy through this troubling period. Look after yourself and each other.

Bendigo Swap Meet November 16 – 17 2019

RecoverToy will be at Bendigo Swap Meet November 16 – 17 2019.

Check the Bendigo Swap Meet website for more details of Australia’s largest automotive swap meet.

Our sites 7052 & 7054 are in the Collectables Models Hall, Shed 1. You will find the showgrounds site plan at Bendigo Swap website and look for grid ref H2 to find Shed #1.

To place a shop order, please create a RecoverToy Account first to avoid checkout issues.

We will be trading as both RecoverToy, and Antique Toy World, with a range of toys and spare tyres for toy cars. If you want to pickup specific parts, please place a shop order as soon as possible so that we can bring the parts with us if we have stock.

We are looking forward to seeing you at Bendigo Showgrounds in November 2019.

Hunter Auto Model Club Toy & Hobby Fair October 2019

RecoverToy is attending the Hunter Auto Model Club Toy & Hobby Fair October 2019 at Hexham Bowling Club rooms. Sunday 27th October 2019 10:00 until 2:00

HUNTER MODEL AUTO CLUB INC is organising a Toy & Hobby Fair

Approx 20 Dealers selling current & vintage Die Cast Models and other Toy related items.

Raffle will be running on the day and drawn at the completion of the day.

BBQ will also be running.

All proceeds going to Calvary Mater Newcastle Oncology Unit.

Admission : ADULTS $ 2.00 Accompanied CHILDREN under 16 free.


Contact for event

Bill Kenchington 04 3845 4830