RecoverToy eBay UK Store

Our not so new RecoverToy_UK store is gradually being populated with our reproduction box listings. While we have had the RecoverToy eBay UK Store account for a number of years a lack of time has delayed us listing.

There are differences in how the UK eBay site operates and we are still coming to grips with the differences between the sites.

We will eventually list all our reproduction boxes and other items in the site so that our UK customers can deal directly in UK sterling.

One comment on “RecoverToy eBay UK Store

  1. Hello Peta & Tony.
    Ordered dinky bulbs on 3 June 2020.
    I contacted you about missing bulbs and you refunded payments approximately late July 2020. Well l couldn’t believe it when the bulbs turned up in post only yesterday.

    So as the bulbs turned up. Please accept my apologies and payment. Regards again. Peter

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