Blue Box Toys

We have a selection of Blue Box Toys from Hong Kong in the 1960’s with boxes that we could reproduce, including a retailers display box outer container. However, we have a long list of other boxes that are ahead of these in priority. So, we thought we should “ask the audience”.

Is your collection in need of a reproduction replacement box for one of the following models ?  Would your Blue-Box collection look good with a retailers display box as a part of it ?

The boxes that we have include models; 7421, 7422,  7423, 7424, 7425, 7429, 7430, 7431, 7432 as well as the display box.

You can see the original Blue Box boxes and models that they suit over at Tonys Toys site. If you have an interest in Blue-Box reproduction boxes let us know via the RecoverToy Contact page.

Tonys Toys Site Link

Tonys Toys - A Collection of Toys from the 20th Century
Tonys Toys – A Collection of Toys from the 20th Century

A new link to Tonys Toys personal toy collection has been added to the menu here at RecoverToy. A lot of the parts we have and knowledge around antique die-cast toys is due to the collection that has been built up over the last 30 years or so, as well as childhood memories.

The collection includes toys from Corgi, Dinky, Matchbox, Mattel, Tri-ang, Australian Micro, Streamlux, Hong Kong Plastic from CH and TLC, Lincoln International and many others including a collection of R&L Cereal Toys.

While you have a look around the RecoverToy store and site, also hop over to Tonys Toys collection site for a stack of photos and information about antique toys from the 20th century.