Toy Car Restorations

Our Toy Car Restoration pages include pictures of a variety of toys that we commonly get asked about. The most popular area has always been our Corgi Batmobile (model 267) repair pictures.

There are lots of other models and brands here including Dinky Toys, Matchbox Lesney, Tri-ang Spot-On and more Corgi Toys as well.






2 comments on “Toy Car Restorations

  1. hello, looking for a pair of T-tops for a 1/18th scale smokey & the bandit trans am by ertl. ive acquired the model but no T-tops. doesn’t really have to be ertl brand as long as its black and gold to match up. cant find them anywhere. appreciate any info,site,number, thanks

    • Hi Mike

      Sorry, but I am not aware of anyone making those parts. I would also imagine that the market for these replacements would be relatively small and the cost of tooling up for them would make them very expensive. If you had a top available to copy, we could do a resin reproduction. Let me know if you can find one that we can use to make a mould.


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