Hotwheels and Superfast Racing Tuning Wrench

Hotwheels Race Tuning Wrench

One of the items that we use regularly and sell lots of is the Hotwheels and Superfast Racing Tuning Wrench.

Originally a product for Mattel Hotwheels, the race tuning wrench can be used with Matchbox Superfast, Johnny Lightning and other models with the thin axle type wheels.

With the race tuning wrench we try to send some pages on how to use it but sometimes we forget and sometimes the pages might get lost.

So you can download the instructions in a PDF format from here.

Hotwheels Race Tuning Wrench Instructions


One comment on “Hotwheels and Superfast Racing Tuning Wrench

  1. Nice review. The original instructions that came in the sets with the Tune-Up wrenches were pretty minimal. “If wheel needs adjustment: Use wheel wrench. Slide slot in wheel over axle. Gently straighten axle.” Your detail is superb. And I love your explanation for the eyelet. Makes sense.

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