Reproduction Boxes for Antique Toys

We make reproduction boxes for antique toys from the 20th century. Toy brands that include Matchbox Lesney, Moko Lesney, Corgi Toys, Dinky Toys, Tri-ang Minic, Spot-On and many others.

Our boxes are produced to a high standard as reproductions and specifically not as ‘fake’ boxes. The difference being that we clearly identify our reproduction items so that an unsuspecting buyer cannot be fooled into paying for an ‘original’ fake item.

We reproduce ephemera of lots of other things as well including cereal toy back panels for the Australian R & L Cereal Toy series that were a feature of Kellogg and Nabisco breakfast cereals in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Our printing equipment includes a number of small ink-jet printers and a 40″ wide bed continuous feed printer for large items. This means we can reproduce larger items in a single sheet and not piece them together from multiple cut sheets which some reproduction shops use.

RecoverToy started producing reproductions in the late 1990’s and starting selling them in 1999 with our first website. Our goal is taking tired, torn, and partial originals and re-creating something close to the original, like it looked in the store all those years ago.

You can find all the currently listed RecoverToy reproduction boxes and other items in our shop.

We still have another 1000 or more boxes that we can reproduce, so contact us if there is something specific you are looking for, or if you have something you want reproduced.


13 comments on “Reproduction Boxes for Antique Toys

  1. I have just purchased a Solido Jaguar XJ12 Cabriolet in dark blue with beige interior. The model no. is 1096. The box is complete, but rather tatty. Can you help?

    • Hi Steve

      I will take a leap and say that you are referring to the 1939 Marx Tin Litho Wind-Up car with the two character heads rotating in the roof of the vehicle.

      No I do not have that one available at the moment, however if you can provide some good photo’s and measurements of the box I can probably create one for you.


    • Hi Silvana

      No I do not have that one available at the moment, however if you can provide some good photo’s and measurements of the box I can probably create one for you.


  2. Hi Tony,
    I require repro boxes for Pre-war Dinky toy sets; RAC set, Police set, Postal set and Shepherd set.
    Do you have any plans to reproduce these? Or can you recreate for me?

  3. Hi there
    I would like to purchase some britains 1979s straw boxes
    Do you do the following
    Massey ferguson 135
    Massey feeguson 595
    Ford 5000
    Ford 6600
    Thank you very much

  4. Hi guys, i bought a late 1950’s lesney/matchbox service station that is red and yellow, and i need one of your perfect boxes, let me know when you can get around to it, and how much $ you need for it.
    Thanks George

  5. I recently won a Marx windup tank marked E12 and I believe it is commonly referred to as a sparkling/ climbing tank. It is a fairly large toy by today’s standards but I do not have a box for it. Have you produced these in the past? If not, I can supply measurements and a photo of a similar toy online with the box. I would like to make this toy complete for display with a repro box.

    Please advise.


  6. I am looking for a box that would have come with the 1970’s Rolls Royce musical decanter ?
    Can you help?
    I would be interested in 16 boxes
    All the Best

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