Corgi Toys Golden Jack Wheels & Tyres

There are a number of variations of the Corgi Toys Golden Jack Wheels & Tyres issued in the late 1960’s to add to the ‘play-value’ of the models with the ability to ‘jack up the vehicle and remove a wheel and tyre’.

The obvious problem is that the wheels are then able to roll away to the spot under the cupboard where dust bunnies hide them and Nifflers collect them.

So how to identify the models and the wheels ?

Corgi Toys offered the Golden Jack wheel hubs in blister card sets of 12 as accessory packs. The following chart identifies the models, the original reference numbers, and matching reproduction wheels and tyres from RecoverToy.

Corgi Toys
Corgi Part
Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow 2731354 15.9mm (5/8″) Single WheelSet of 4 Wheels
Rover TC 20002751351 15.9mm (5/8″) Single WheelSet of 4 Wheels
Oldsmobile Toronado2761352 15.9mm (5/8″) N/A N/A
Chevrolet Corvette3001342 15.9mm (5/8″) N/A N/A
Hillman Hunter Rally3021353 15.9mm (5/8″)Single WheelSet of 4 Wheels
Chevrolet SS350 Camaro3381352 15.9mm (5/8″) N/A N/A
Mini Marcos GT 8503411361 12.7mm (1/2″) Single Wheel Set of 4 Wheels
Corgi Toys Golden Jack Wheel Hub Models Reference. * O.D. : Outer Diameter of wheel hub

While it was never officially released the 342 Lamborghini Muira was also intended to be a Golden Jacks model, but was changed at the last minute to a Whizz-Wheels model.