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Our not so new RecoverToy_UK store is gradually being populated with our reproduction box listings. While we have had the RecoverToy eBay UK Store account for a number of years a lack of time has delayed us listing.

There are differences in how the UK eBay site operates and we are still coming to grips with the differences between the sites.

We will eventually list all our reproduction boxes and other items in the site so that our UK customers can deal directly in UK sterling.

RecoverToy Shop Closed for Maintenance

Over the weekend there has been an issue with the RecoverToy online store. In order to complete the repairs the RecoverToy shop is closed for maintenance.

Updated: 30th June 2020: Shop has been re-opened after fixing the database issue. No data was compromised, we were just unable to process correctly following a server patch. The server has been re-configured to complete transactions ok. Thanks for your patience.

RecoverToy and the Coronavirus COVID-19 2019-nCoV

Thanks to all our customers who have asked about RecoverToy and the Coronavirus (aka COVID-19 or 2019-nCoV). We are all ok and currently healthy.

For our on-line orders, we are still trading, until instructed otherwise, and as long as the post office is open we will be posting orders on a daily basis.

All our planned markets and swap-meets have been postponed indefinitely and we are only taking on-line or phone orders. No personal collections are being processed.

We hope that all our customers remain safe and healthy through this troubling period. Look after yourself and each other.

Matchbox Thunderbird 2 Model Scale

Comparison of Matchbox and Dinky Toys versions of Thunderbird 2 Pod
Comparison of Matchbox and Dinky Toys versions of Thunderbird 2 Pod

Issued in the 1990’s the Matchbox Thunderbird 2 model scale is larger than the 1960s’ issue Dinky Toys model, and includes an out of scale Thunderbird 4 submarine.

In this side-by-side comparison, the left-hand pod and Thunderbird 4 are from the 1990 Matchbox model while the right-hand side is the Dinky Toys model 101 pod.

The Matchbox Thunderbird 4 is large and fills the entire pod door-way with the exhausts just fitting in the width and the tail fin scraping the top of the pod door frame.

The Dinky Toys model shows similar characteristics even though the pod and Thunderbird 4 are a smaller scale.

Measuring the difference between Matchbox and Dinky Toys  Thunderbird 4 versions.
Measuring the difference between Matchbox and Dinky Toys Thunderbird 4 versions.

Overall the measurements show that the Matchbox Thunderbird 4 is almost 50% larger than the Dinky Toys version. The Matchbox model being around 44mm compared to the Dinky Toys one at around 30mm.

Looking back at the television episodes, the width of the rails that extend from pod 4 to launch Thunderbird 4 into the water, are probably only half the width of the pod door.

Thunderbird 4 launches from pod.
Still shot from 1965 television episode of Thunderbirds.

This still-shot from an episode shows Thunderbird 4 is dwarfed by the pod as it runs down the rails.

With that in mind I swapped the Dinky Toys reproduction Thunderbird 4 with the Matchbox version in the larger pod and the scale looks a whole lot better. Ok, so why are they out of proportion? I’d take a guess that Matchbox looked at the size of their Thunderbird 2 and simply created a fit-to-container version of Thunderbird 4. It might also relate to the audience and making it too small might be a choking hazard for the young children in the target market.

Dinky Toys Thunderbird 4 with Matchbox Thunderbird 2 Pod
Dinky Toys Thunderbird 4 with Matchbox Thunderbird 2 Pod

From a display perspective and as an adult not prone to trying to swallow my Thunderbird models, I think the smaller Dinky Toys version suits the Matchbox model much better, even though it is probably still too big.

If your Thunderbird 2 is missing its Thunderbird 4, RecoverToy supplies the reproduction version as shown in the photo above. Order a Dinky Toys 101 or 106 Thunderbird 4 Submarine for Thunderbird 2

Matchbox Mercury Commuter 73 Repro Box

Matchbox Lesney 73c Mercury Commuter Station Wagon F Style Box
Matchbox Lesney 73c Mercury Commuter Station Wagon F Style Box

We were recently asked for a Matchbox Mercury Commuter 73 Repro Box and in the process of doing so we confirmed three variations of the box for this model.

This is one of the true transitional models that appeared with both the early regular wheels and the later Superfast wheels.

At the time of the first issue Regular Wheels model the boxes were done in the F style, circa 1967. As the first Supefrfast models were being rushed to market the box design was quickly changed to feature Superfast on the off-sides and as a logo on the front of what was basically the regular wheel F style box.

In the case of the Mercury Commuter Station Wagon the same picture of the model was simply modified to have the mag look Superfast wheels for a second box variation which we designate as F-SF2 style.

Subsequently when the first new design for Superfast models, the G style box series, was issued a third style for this model was released.

RecoverToy now has all three Mercury Commuter Wagon box variations available as reproductions:


New Toy Events Calendar

We have added a Toy Events Calendar for all toy related swap meets, fairs, club meetings, or other events where old toys might be on show or for sale or swap.

We will add any events that RecoverToy will attend, hopefully well in advance of the date!

If you have an event or regular meeting that you would like to make known to the toy collecting community please send the details via our Contact page.

RecoverToy new reproduction Matchbox Lesney boxes

Matchbox 23 Ford Mustang GT 350 Box
A reproduction box for the Matchbox 23 Ford Mustang GT 350

We have added to our range of reproduction Matchbox Lesney boxes over recent weeks.

You can find a number of the later issue Superfast K style boxes have been listed.

Like a box for the Matchbox Superfast #23 Boss Mustang G.T 350 issued around 1982 and others including:

Check out our new products in the store.

RecoverToy has a large range of reproduction boxes and hundreds more that we can make. If you cannot find the box you want please send a request from our Contact page.

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Update: This issue seems to have rectified itself. Not sure what caused it, but it is no longer happening.