Suspending Toy Repair Services

A belated update to our toy repair services.

We have offered a toy repair service for many years. However, the volume of orders have overwhelmed our toy repair specialists. We are struggling to complete the existing orders and are suspending toy repair services until further notice.

Our spare parts and reproduction box listings are all still available for ordering, just repair services are affected.

We will update the website at a later date, although at this time we do not expect that to be any earlier than June 2022 and probably longer. Please monitor our website for updates.

We do not have any experience with anyone else offering a commercial repair service and cannot recommend another toy repairer for you. There are lots of high quality non-professionals who do their own models for the love of the toys. We are not aware of any that offer a commercial repair service. We suggest you use a locality search for a service close to you or enquire at local hobby shops.

Thankyou for your interest in Antique Toy World and RecoverToy. We will complete your existing toy repair order as time permits and we thank you for your patience.

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