Corgi Toys James Bond Aston Martin Suspension Unit 261 270

Corgi Toys James Bond 261 270 Aston Martin Suspension ComparisonThere are two versions of the Corgi Toys James Bond Aston Martin Suspension Units 261 270 which fit the early Gold 261 and later Silver 270 coloured models.

The 271 Aston Martin is different as a larger approximately 1:36 scale model while the 261 & 270 are closer to 1:43 although none are exactly to scale.Corgi Toys James Bond 261 270 Aston Martin Suspension Comparison

The 261 & 270 share many similarities and some replacment parts,like the driver, ejector seat and retainer. Other parts like the roof hatch, rear shield, and features that were added to the later issue 270 are different. In particular the window unit is completely different between the two models due to casting differences. The suspension units for the models differ slightly and while they could be interchangeable, the 270 suspension was made slightly stronger with wider ‘arms’ for the axle supports and the addition of two small posts that rest against an additional metal frame inside the upper casting.

Corgi Toys James Bond 261 270 Aston Martin Suspension Comparison

Another minor change was the post in the front right-hand side of the base-plate was made longer and flared as a rivet retainer in the 270 while the 261 did not pass through the plastic suspension and was just a locating pin. In the images you can see an extra hole on the right side arm of the 270 suspension unit.

Corgi Toys 261 Gold James Bond Aston Martin has machine guns that will spring out from the front of the car. The 270 Silver Aston Martin version had the bumper over-riders also extending out with the machine guns. As a part of this change an extra cast box section was added to the inside front of the casting. The additional suspension support posts rest against this metal frame providing extra suspension support.

Parts for restoring these 1960 and 1970 issue Corgi Toys James Bond Aston Martin models are all available from RecoverToy.


Corgi Toys James Bond 261 270 Aston Martin Suspension Comparison

Corgi Toys 235 Oldsmobile Super 88 Sedan Box

Corgi Toys 237 Oldsmobile Super 88 Reproduction Box
Corgi Toys 237 Oldsmobile Super 88 Reproduction Box

A new addition to our reproductions is a Corgi Toys 235 Oldsmobile Super 88 Sedan Box.

This model casting was used for both a standard sedan and the Corgi Toys 237 “Sheriff” version with roof light. 

Corgi Toys 237 Oldsmobile "Sheriff" Car Reproduction Box
Corgi Toys 237 Oldsmobile “Sheriff” Car Repro Box

Of course the Oldsmobile was also used as the basis for the Corgi Toys 497 Man from UNCLE “Thrushbuster” vehicle.

The Oldsmobile Super 88 Sedan was issued in either a pale blue or a metallic blue, both with white side stripes. The Sheriff car was only black with white side panels, while the Man from UNCLE version was generally in a dark metallic blue or the rare cream colour.

Our reproduction boxes are available for all of these models.

Corgi Toys 497 Man From UNCLE Oldsmobile Reproduction Box
Corgi Toys 497 Man From UNCLE Oldsmobile Reproduction Box

Adelaide Swap Meet next weekend

Some of this weekend has been spent preparing for the Adelaide Mega Swap Meet at the Adelaide Showgrounds on Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th June 2016.

RecoverToy will be there with all our reproduction tyres and lots of Dinky, Corgi and Matchbox toys for sale.

Come along and bring your old models to get new tyres fitted.


RecoverToy Store online after maintenance

We are performing some maintenance on the RecoverToy servers and the website and store may be off-line for some short periods this weekend starting from Friday 12th May 1500 Australian Eastern Time (3pm +10 GMT).

Updated Saturday 14th May: The server migration has been completed. There should be no further interruptions after 1630 AEST (4:30pm GMT +1000) today.

RecoverToy will be at Adelaide’s Mega Toy Fair in June 2016

RecoverToy will be at Adelaide’s Mega Toy Fair in June 2016. The toy fair is open on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th of June. Opening time is 10:00.

Bring all your old diecast models that need tyres and we will fit new tyres to make that model look great.

Tyres for Matchbox Toys, Dinky Toys, Corgi Toys, Tri-ang Minic, Tri-ang Spot-On, Budgie Toys, Britains and many more. We will have our full range of tyres and tracks available.

We will be bringing some of the more common parts for Matchbox, Dinky and Corgi, but space constraints will not allow us to move everything from our store to the fair. If you have a specific part or reproduction box that you would like to get from us, please book an order now.

Our range also includes Hotwheels Redlines replacement wheels for bearing and cap style axles for models issued from 1967 until 1973.


The Mega Toy Fair Facebook page

Adelaide Showground Events page

Adelaide Showground Location page

Adelaide Showground ‘How to Get There’ page



Australia Post capitulate from small business protests

RecoverToy was far from being the only voice complaining at the Post Office counter.

A mass of voices via Facebook and eBay forums, has seen Australia Post capitulate from small business protests.

The rule change was to the use of international letter post for small merchandise items. It was introduced on Monday 18th April 2016 and was previously unannounced. It was hidden among changes to the rates and forms for international parcels.

The fact that the back-track by Australia Post was so quick makes me wonder if it was an ambit claim, and if there had been no reaction from the people then it would be still in place.

Surely, Australia Post had figures on how many International small packet articles were being sent ? They must have known that there would be a significant impact on micro business / hobby operators.

On Tuesday 19th April in the late afternoon Australia Post advised that international letter post for merchandise had been reinstated. This means that we can post our small packet items as we have done for the 17 years that RecoverToy has been operating.

All that angst and grief for the micro business operators around the country, and it was avoidable.

Back to making reproduction antique toy boxes and toy car spares !


Australia Post forces suspension of trade

Updated: Australia Post capitulates from small business protests

IMPORTANT !! We are closed due to Australia Post changing the rules !!

Australia Post has changed the rules on International Letter Post and we are currently trying to understand what this means.

It appears that where we could previously send parts and tyres for $4 per package, the new rates will be, as examples, a minimum of $16.00 to the USA, $27 to the UK, and $30 to China.

This is of course not viable for the small items that we supply to thousands of hobbyists around the world.

As a result we have suspended our trading pending a resolution from Australia Post.

The initial feedback today was that there was little chance of a change, and that Australia Post were only interested in assisting businesses that used larger parcel post.

Please feel free to complain to Australia Post and blame them for the store closure.

We have posted the above on our 2 eBay stores in Australia and the USA.

There are many issues with the changes that they introduced at 0900 on Monday 18th April 2016, the biggest issue that the changes were made without any notice to the customer. This change to international letter post was made to the Post Office counter systems, but not advised as a part of the parcel post revisions.

There are some articles that we can still post via letters, and shipping within Australia is also unchanged. But the issue for us is the 1500 eBay listings that would require postage fee updates, along with our on-line store that needs to be re-coded to adjust for the changes, that are effectively a minimum 400% increase.

Our customers will not pay $15, $20, or $30 to post $4.00 worth of merchandise and I would not ask them to.

Please feel free to get in touch to discuss the above.

Thanks for your understanding.

Blue Box Toys

We have a selection of Blue Box Toys from Hong Kong in the 1960’s with boxes that we could reproduce, including a retailers display box outer container. However, we have a long list of other boxes that are ahead of these in priority. So, we thought we should “ask the audience”.

Is your collection in need of a reproduction replacement box for one of the following models ?  Would your Blue-Box collection look good with a retailers display box as a part of it ?

The boxes that we have include models; 7421, 7422,  7423, 7424, 7425, 7429, 7430, 7431, 7432 as well as the display box.

You can see the original Blue Box boxes and models that they suit over at Tonys Toys site. If you have an interest in Blue-Box reproduction boxes let us know via the RecoverToy Contact page.

Related Images:

Tonys Toys Site Link

Tonys Toys - A Collection of Toys from the 20th Century
Tonys Toys – A Collection of Toys from the 20th Century

A new link to Tonys Toys personal toy collection has been added to the menu here at RecoverToy. A lot of the parts we have and knowledge around antique die-cast toys is due to the collection that has been built up over the last 30 years or so, as well as childhood memories.

The collection includes toys from Corgi, Dinky, Matchbox, Mattel, Tri-ang, Australian Micro, Streamlux, Hong Kong Plastic from CH and TLC, Lincoln International and many others including a collection of R&L Cereal Toys.

While you have a look around the RecoverToy store and site, also hop over to Tonys Toys collection site for a stack of photos and information about antique toys from the 20th century.