Corgi Toys 235 Oldsmobile Super 88 Sedan Box

Corgi Toys 237 Oldsmobile Super 88 Reproduction Box
Corgi Toys 237 Oldsmobile Super 88 Reproduction Box

A new addition to our reproductions is a Corgi Toys 235 Oldsmobile Super 88 Sedan Box.

This model casting was used for both a standard sedan and the Corgi Toys 237 “Sheriff” version with roof light. 

Corgi Toys 237 Oldsmobile "Sheriff" Car Reproduction Box
Corgi Toys 237 Oldsmobile “Sheriff” Car Repro Box

Of course the Oldsmobile was also used as the basis for the Corgi Toys 497 Man from UNCLE “Thrushbuster” vehicle.

The Oldsmobile Super 88 Sedan was issued in either a pale blue or a metallic blue, both with white side stripes. The Sheriff car was only black with white side panels, while the Man from UNCLE version was generally in a dark metallic blue or the rare cream colour.

Our reproduction boxes are available for all of these models.

Corgi Toys 497 Man From UNCLE Oldsmobile Reproduction Box
Corgi Toys 497 Man From UNCLE Oldsmobile Reproduction Box

Matchbox Mercury Commuter 73 Repro Box

Matchbox Lesney 73c Mercury Commuter Station Wagon F Style Box
Matchbox Lesney 73c Mercury Commuter Station Wagon F Style Box

We were recently asked for a Matchbox Mercury Commuter 73 Repro Box and in the process of doing so we confirmed three variations of the box for this model.

This is one of the true transitional models that appeared with both the early regular wheels and the later Superfast wheels.

At the time of the first issue Regular Wheels model the boxes were done in the F style, circa 1967. As the first Supefrfast models were being rushed to market the box design was quickly changed to feature Superfast on the off-sides and as a logo on the front of what was basically the regular wheel F style box.

In the case of the Mercury Commuter Station Wagon the same picture of the model was simply modified to have the mag look Superfast wheels for a second box variation which we designate as F-SF2 style.

Subsequently when the first new design for Superfast models, the G style box series, was issued a third style for this model was released.

RecoverToy now has all three Mercury Commuter Wagon box variations available as reproductions:


New Toy Events Calendar

We have added a Toy Events Calendar for all toy related swap meets, fairs, club meetings, or other events where old toys might be on show or for sale or swap.

We will add any events that RecoverToy will attend, hopefully well in advance of the date!

If you have an event or regular meeting that you would like to make known to the toy collecting community please send the details via our Contact page.

RecoverToy new reproduction Matchbox Lesney boxes

Matchbox 23 Ford Mustang GT 350 Box
A reproduction box for the Matchbox 23 Ford Mustang GT 350

We have added to our range of reproduction Matchbox Lesney boxes over recent weeks.

You can find a number of the later issue Superfast K style boxes have been listed.

Like a box for the Matchbox Superfast #23 Boss Mustang G.T 350 issued around 1982 and others including:

Check out our new products in the store.

RecoverToy has a large range of reproduction boxes and hundreds more that we can make. If you cannot find the box you want please send a request from our Contact page.

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Adelaide Swap Meet next weekend

Some of this weekend has been spent preparing for the Adelaide Mega Swap Meet at the Adelaide Showgrounds on Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th June 2016.

RecoverToy will be there with all our reproduction tyres and lots of Dinky, Corgi and Matchbox toys for sale.

Come along and bring your old models to get new tyres fitted.


RecoverToy Store online after maintenance

We are performing some maintenance on the RecoverToy servers and the website and store may be off-line for some short periods this weekend starting from Friday 12th May 1500 Australian Eastern Time (3pm +10 GMT).

Updated Saturday 14th May: The server migration has been completed. There should be no further interruptions after 1630 AEST (4:30pm GMT +1000) today.

RecoverToy will be at Adelaide’s Mega Toy Fair in June 2016

RecoverToy will be at Adelaide’s Mega Toy Fair in June 2016. The toy fair is open on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th of June. Opening time is 10:00.

Bring all your old diecast models that need tyres and we will fit new tyres to make that model look great.

Tyres for Matchbox Toys, Dinky Toys, Corgi Toys, Tri-ang Minic, Tri-ang Spot-On, Budgie Toys, Britains and many more. We will have our full range of tyres and tracks available.

We will be bringing some of the more common parts for Matchbox, Dinky and Corgi, but space constraints will not allow us to move everything from our store to the fair. If you have a specific part or reproduction box that you would like to get from us, please book an order now.

Our range also includes Hotwheels Redlines replacement wheels for bearing and cap style axles for models issued from 1967 until 1973.


The Mega Toy Fair Facebook page

Adelaide Showground Events page

Adelaide Showground Location page

Adelaide Showground ‘How to Get There’ page



Australia Post capitulate from small business protests

RecoverToy was far from being the only voice complaining at the Post Office counter.

A mass of voices via Facebook and eBay forums, has seen Australia Post capitulate from small business protests.

The rule change was to the use of international letter post for small merchandise items. It was introduced on Monday 18th April 2016 and was previously unannounced. It was hidden among changes to the rates and forms for international parcels.

The fact that the back-track by Australia Post was so quick makes me wonder if it was an ambit claim, and if there had been no reaction from the people then it would be still in place.

Surely, Australia Post had figures on how many International small packet articles were being sent ? They must have known that there would be a significant impact on micro business / hobby operators.

On Tuesday 19th April in the late afternoon Australia Post advised that international letter post for merchandise had been reinstated. This means that we can post our small packet items as we have done for the 17 years that RecoverToy has been operating.

All that angst and grief for the micro business operators around the country, and it was avoidable.

Back to making reproduction antique toy boxes and toy car spares !