New Reproduction Boxes

We have some new toy reproduction boxes in preparation at the moment including some Tri-ang Scalex boat boxes for the 414 and 415 boats.

Currently we are updating all the pictures of our Matchbox Lesney reproduction boxes to provide clearer images as some of them were over a decade old and taken with a comparatively low resolution camera.

A change to the format of the Schuco Micro Racer box. Where the original had an oval view hole for the colour of the vehicle and in the past we have tried to provide that cut-out, it is not as clean as we would like and we have elected to skip the cut-out and leave that face of the box with just plain colour.

If you have a tatty old box that you would like reproduced contact us for an appraisal. We have capacity for almost any box size including a 40″ bed high capacity roll printer for even the largest boxes and antique toy posters.

RecoverToy specialises in reproduction items for antique toys from the 20th century.

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