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Hot Wheels Redline Deep Dish Bearing Medium / Large 4-pack  AU$7.99 


Hotwheels Redline reproduction Deep Dish Bearing Medium / Large 4-pack to suit the early bearing type axles. This pack includes 2 x Medium and 2 x Large wheels.

Deep Dish Bearing - Hong Kong bearing is the most common wheel style found on the cars in 1968, and they have the look most people associate with early redlines. The mag is sharp and clear, and the finish is bright chrome.

Assuming Hot Wheels factory standard assembly the following models use this set:

  • 1968 Hot Heap
  • 1969 Brabham-Repco F1
  • 1969 Indy Eagle
  • 1969 Lotus Turbine
  • 1970 Boss Hoss
  • 1970 Heavy Chevy
  • 1970 King Kuda
  • 1970 Light My Firebird
  • 1970 Nitty Gritty Kitty
  • 1970 TNT-Bird


These models were fitted with Hong Kong style wheels when originally released in this Large / Medium combination.

The following models were originally issued with US style bearing wheels but can use these Hong Kong style as a replacement:

  • 1969 Classic '31 Ford Woody
  • 1969 Classic '32 Ford Vicky
  • 1969 Splittin' Image
  • 1969 Torero
  • 1969 Turbofire
  • 1969 TwinMill


1969 Classic '36 Ford Coupe used a rare combination of small and large US style wheels. This is a special order which I can do for you on request.

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